Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of news from the blog. I took a trip to Arcata to see a friend, and sorta forgot about the computer. But I know most of you chicken heads want the very latest news, so here's what has happened so far.

First off, the chicken. Using my last post as reference, the next day turned even more exciting. After watching the chickens for a while, we rounded up the suspects of which chicken could have lain the behemoth egg. The one which was "walking funny", has been under our watch for both concern, and interest. Perhaps this little Americauna chicken can produce an even bigger egg... Or are we just dreaming? Probably the latter, but I digress. Many people have asked which chicken it was, and I think we may be about to find out! Stay tuned...

In other news, the response we have gotten from the news and interested parties is incredible. KRCR News Channel 7 called the same morning, and after talking to local weather girl Chita Johnson, they aired our egg on the news and even sent Chita to a sports store to do size and weight comparison, using a hockey puck and baseball. Also, believe it or not, "Ripley's Believe it or Not", also contacted Jeff and offered an intriguing deal. A tidy sum of money, and one late night talk show host wanted to EAT the egg on his show! Can you believe it? America's biggest egg shouldn't be squandered on something so simple as an omelet! Besides, were in it for the love of work, not the money.

Speaking of loving your work, earlier this morning, Jeff did an interview with The Chicken Whisperer. I'm not sure how that went, seeing how I was almost rear-ended by a truck while in traffic during the interview, but i'll assume well and shall be back to fill in any details of the show I missed.

Well, that's it for my updates. Keep plugged in and checking frequently for the newest... news!

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