Saturday, April 23, 2011

Asparagus and Compost

Our seasons here are a bit fickle sometimes. Some years the asparagus pops up at the completely wrong time. Or I think I'm adding mulch to delay them and not realizing they are up and starting to open and flower yet they are only 2 inches tall. It is a learning process being a gardener. For the last two days Ive been hauling up compost to the garden..I say hauling up because of course its all up hill. I want to give our asparagus a real good feeding of this compost but i don't want to bury the emerging spears either. Being too impatient to wait on a tea, I decided to water it in by drenching the bed. The day after I could see cracks in the soil where they were coming up. I cant wait to see how this stuff works..sustainability is the ultimate goal! Our compost pile consists of a daily 45 gal. can full of fruits and veggies that are for our chickens. This is great stuff, looks good enough to eat! The chickens eat this until they are full and walk off. About once a week we clean the floor of coops and lay this layer right on top of veggies. Let me warn you its gonna stink for a while. The black gold that comes from it is rich with worms and rich with worms i have to chuck the shovelfuls into the wheelbarrow faster than the chickens spot em. That's work!!                                                             

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