Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feeding your neighbors

My husband and I started donating our small eggs to our local soup kitchen on Tuesday mornings a couple years ago. We knew there was need but we didn't realize how much until Jeff talked to the soup kitchen director Carol and she said she had an elderly lady come in the soup kitchen shaking with hunger. Jeff and I discussed how bad it is that there is elderly going hungry. So we came up with this idea of a concert benefit... Last year we raised over $ 3,000 and community showed up with cans of food for the pantry. Everyone can make a difference. If you have an older neighbor, invite them over for dinner or bring them some fruit off your tree. Sometimes they are too prideful too ask for help. Plant a row in your garden for your local food bank or heck one tomato plant will do. Share your backyard fruit with the food banks or soup kitchen, we all have one. Go by and have lunch at a soup kitchen and donate money for your meal and maybe a little tip! The aromas coming out of our local soup kitchen are to die for!

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  1. If you have an abundance, pass it along to your local soup kitchen or food pantry or even neighbors!!!!