Friday, April 8, 2011

Doll Face the Hen...

A short little story written about our dinosaur egg-laying suspect dollface, written by my mom, Krishann England.

Our home has recently gone awry with all this Egg citement. I always knew we took good care of our chickens and provided them with the ideal chicken life but I never thought anything like this would happen.The day after the discovery I went to clean out the coop and keep an eye on "the nestbox" Toward the end of the afternoon it happened...the hen I have called Dollface climbed the ladder and peered into her nest seen nothing and hopped down. Now mind you we have 400 chickens and we do not name them all, only those who stand out. Dollface as a chick had perfect circles on her cheeks that reminded me of a porcelin doll. Yesterday Dollface finally climbed into the nest box above and laid a normal size egg. She seems fine after a 3 day break from laying. I am very proud of our egg. I read a Trinity History book about a man in the 1800s had a record egg somewhere near Trinity Center. I will see if I can find it ...Maybe Trinity Co makes for The biggest eggs...

Update: Here is a picture of Dollface for those who were asking... (she's on the left)

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