Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Pack

 This is Soldier. Such a harsh name for the sweetest dog I've ever had. He was our neighbors who were going through a rough patch. We have had him for many years now. A few neighbors have invited him over for lunch sometimes,actually one too many times!!!

Dogs love a dirt mound!

 This is the pond behind our house. The dogs enjoy it until it dries up in summer.
This is Tiki he is known to hang out in the rain&snow. He comes running like a dog when called and scratches at the door to come in. I'd swear he is a DOG!

This is Scout! We rescued him a while back I saw this dog roam the valley and roads for over a year.He had a owner that said he was a runner.I think he was running looking for his master. He needed a family and now has one. Plus he turned out to be one great chicken dog.
This is Beau and Rosie. Beau is all about business,All the time! He was a birthday gift to my son for his 11th birthday. I picked him up at the local shelter and never regretted it! Well tell me that when he's barking in the middle of the night..
We've always encouraged our dogs to be "friends" with any other dog.Also teaching them to be friends with the deer and they seem to understand.

This is Rosie! Her business is Rocks,Rocks,and more rocks!

Rest In Peace Lilly.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hatching eggs and cute chicks

This is the incubator we ordered recently to replenish our own chicken stock and sell chicks locally. On day 20 eggs started pipping and by that night it was constant hatching. What an exciting event to watch over and over.

Here are some chicks just hatching out.
Tough work being born!

We picked up this watermelon box from the grocery store worked perfect for a brooder.

Hatching Chick!!!

eatin good

Happy Birthday!!   Time for a nap!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Strawberries and Rosemary

The first bed I tackled was the strawberry bed. I started out in a raised bed with 24 plants about three years ago. Now every spring I have so many new plants to dig up and replant or to share with friends and neighbors. Most strawberry plants send out these feeder stems that touch base with the soil next to the mother plant and a new root system grows where the feeder stem touched. Its important to separate these or the new daughter plant will suck all the nutrients in for both plants. I came across this book called The Vegetable Gardeners BIBLE and it truly is the best book for all season use. In this book I learned how to companion plant. This has worked wonders. Ive NEVER used any bug spray in our garden. I planted rosemary with our strawberries at each corner of the bed .It keeps off the pests that love strawberries because the rosemary smell is overwhelming. Cant tell you exactly what bugs bother strawberries because I have never had any problems, the squirrels sure do love to drag there teeth through each one!!! Remember that they like moderate water and each of the N P K nutrients. Other good companion planting is melon. No broccoli or anything in cabbage family.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


First vultures of the year
 I wanted to share some photos with you of the wildlife that surrounds us. This is why I love home. Most of these were taken from our house.
This was taken in our backyard in our waterfall.

These are Elk that we are lucky enough to see from our living room from time to time.

Hummingbird moth


We came upon this owl while we were sledding down the hill behind our house.

This bullfrog has been living with us for a while now.Love him!

One BADASS bird, these can carry off deer!!

of course deer!