Saturday, May 7, 2011

Strawberries and Rosemary

The first bed I tackled was the strawberry bed. I started out in a raised bed with 24 plants about three years ago. Now every spring I have so many new plants to dig up and replant or to share with friends and neighbors. Most strawberry plants send out these feeder stems that touch base with the soil next to the mother plant and a new root system grows where the feeder stem touched. Its important to separate these or the new daughter plant will suck all the nutrients in for both plants. I came across this book called The Vegetable Gardeners BIBLE and it truly is the best book for all season use. In this book I learned how to companion plant. This has worked wonders. Ive NEVER used any bug spray in our garden. I planted rosemary with our strawberries at each corner of the bed .It keeps off the pests that love strawberries because the rosemary smell is overwhelming. Cant tell you exactly what bugs bother strawberries because I have never had any problems, the squirrels sure do love to drag there teeth through each one!!! Remember that they like moderate water and each of the N P K nutrients. Other good companion planting is melon. No broccoli or anything in cabbage family.


  1. With all those strawberries, you should make yourself some strawberry wine. Really easy and tastes delicious!

  2. My favorite thing to do with my strawberries is to make strawberry/rhubarb jam. It is delicious!